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Students—here is what we discussed in class about men and women’s speech. What are some ways in which men and women’s speech is characterized? How does style of talk differ between men and women? *Note: These are generalizations and tendencies in most men and women, doesn’t apply to everyone and in every context. Men Women “Report-talk” “Rapport-talk” Information-oriented Relationship-oriented Less expressive (verbally) and w/ attentiveness More expressive (verbally) and responsive with  obvious visual/vocal cues (“encouragers”) Grammar: More qualifiers (somewhat, kind of) More disclaimers (I’m no expert but, )
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Unformatted text preview: More tag questions (right, dont you think?) More polite forms Initiate topics more often/offer more jokes Laugh more Less disclosing Disclose more and receive more disclosures In task groups: men talk more In friendly same gender, women talk more Men interrupt more (in cross-gender dyads) Men make more declarative statements Women ask more questions Men respond to women using delayed minimal responses (discourage turntaking) Women give more backchannel cues to encourage turntaking...
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