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CHAPTER 9 SOLUTION SHEET Hypothesis Testing for Single Mean and Single Proportion In words, CLEARLY describe what the population parameter μ or P represents: ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ In words, CLEARLY describe what the sample statistic X or P' represents: ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ STEP 1: a. Ho: _______________ Ha: ___________________ b. Significance Level α ______ STEP 2 : c. Distribution to use for the test: N ( _____ , ______) OR t with df = ____ STEP 3: d. Test Statistic: indicate t or z and state its value: t or z (circle one) = _____________ e. p-value = ______________ f. In 1 – 2 complete sentences, explain what the p-value means for this problem. Interpretation of p-value: ________________________________________________
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