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CHAPTER 10 SOLUTION SHEET Hypothesis Testing for Two Means, Two proportions, Matched Pairs What type of test? (circle one) Two means Two proportions Matched pair What is the random variable? (circle one) 2 1 X X - P’ 1 – P’ 2 d X In words, for this problem’ scenario, CLEARLY state what the population parameter represents: ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ STEP 1: a. Ho: _______________ Ha: ___________________ b. Significance Level α = ______ STEP 2 : c. Distribution to use for the test: N ( _____ , ______________________) OR t with df = ____ d. In complete sentences, explain how you determined which distribution to use. __________________________________________________________________________ _ __________________________________________________________________________ _ STEP 3: e. Test Statistic: indicate t or z and state its value: t or z (circle one) = _____________ f.
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