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Theatre Midterm paper - awareness of the other audience...

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Alex Alemann Professor Wilson Midterm take home test After I read the Canadian Theatre Day message written by Michel Oullette, I reflected on my most recent theatre experience, which was at Hot City Theatre to watch True West. The week that I went to see the play I had a test, practice, homework assignments and errands to run. However once I stepped foot in the theatre and the lights were dimmed I forgot all about my busy schedule for those two hours. Michel Oullette describes this experience in his article very articulately because I can relate and emphasize what he is saying. “I enter… Inside there is a hall plunged in soft darkness. There are many of us. We wait. We whisper, while waiting – for the mystery of incarnation that will soon unfold before us.” Outlette captures the mood because when I went to that play with Damian, we were chatting before they dimmed the lights. Once they the lights were dimmed the entire audience became transfixed to the set and lost their
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Unformatted text preview: awareness of the other audience members in attendance. In the last paragraph Oullette says that theatre is a means of fighting what dehumanizes us, mechanizes us, digitalize us. I agree with him. Theatre definitely helps people to get in touch with our human emotions that are desensitized by distractions. However he finishes his article by saying, “Perhaps, when all is said and done, our humanity is forged in the theatre.” In this closing I would like to argue that there are other outlets that our humanity is forged. I know many people escape through prayer and religious services. As for my self, spending time on a lake or in nature is where I have my deepest thoughts to get in touch with my inner self. To conclude I would like to say that Oullette illustrates the effect and human relationship with theatre very nicely and that I could relate to his article from my theatre experiences....
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Theatre Midterm paper - awareness of the other audience...

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