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Alejandro Alemann Marketing 300 11/6/10 J.C. Penney JCP J.C. Penney is one of the largest mid range department store companies in the United States. The department stores are primarily located in suburban shopping malls. James Cash Penney founded it in 1902 in Kemmerer, Wyoming. The store was originally designed to fill the needs for miners and the frontier families. In 1914 the headquarters were moved to New York City from Salt Lake City. Since 1992 the company has operated from Plano, Texas. J. C. Penney has received several prominent awards and milestones. In 1951 this department store surpassed $1 billion worth of sales and in 2010 it received the Energy Star Award for Sustained Excellence. J.C. Penney sells its merchandise in a catalogue and online which has been instrumental to its growth and success. Currently J. C. Penney’s Long Range plan is curtailed toward the customers, merchandise, investors and associates. For the year 2009 their 10-K statement looked like this: Net Income $251 million, Total Assets $12.6 billion, Total Liabilities $7.8 billion, Net Sales $17.6 billion, ROA 2%, ROE 5% and the closing stock price 24.83 for the year 2009. Product
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J. C. Penney is a midsize department store chain. They retail men’s and women’s clothing as well as home decorations, jewelry, toys and shoes. According to their 10-K in the year 2009 24% of their sales was from women’s apparel. Coming in a close second and third is home furnishing and men’s apparel at 19% and 19% respectively. This company has long-term deals with Liz Claiborne, Sephora and American Living. In August of 2010 J.C. Penney became the exclusive provider for Liz Claiborne merchandise. This agreement could last up to ten years. In April of 2006 J.C. Penney made a contract to sell Sephora cosmetics in its “store within a store” concept. This “store within a store” concept is where external companies sell its products inside of J.C. Penney. In many stores there is a Seattle’s Coffeehouse or a subway. American Living just recently joined J.C. Penney in January of 2008 to sell their apparel exclusively at J.C.
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J.C. Penney - Alejandro Alemann Marketing 300 11/6/10 J.C....

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