Com 275 book notes ch. 15 campaigns

Com 275 book notes ch. 15 campaigns - CH. 15 Communication...

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CH. 15 Communication Campaign Effects 1) Communication campaigns take a variety of forms in our society, and each has specific goals. These include: Advertisements for candidates, and public service announcements. A)Concepts of communication campaigns Rice/Atkins came up with 5 concepts: 1) Campaign objectives and methods: - Objectives: refers to the essence of communication appeals; that is, one group’s attempts to influence the attitudes and behavior of another. - Methods: Pertain to the genre of communication, the type of communications media, and the strategies that the campaign employs 2) Strategy to facilitate change - Three “E’s”: Education, Engineering, and Enforcement - dependent factors: audience’s cultural heritage, form of government, and level of technological development. -Education is most effective strategy. 3) Potential Benefits from Proposed change: - campaigns either show positive benefits or they can highlight the negative aspects of particular behaviors in an attempt to motivate audiences to change. 4) Campaign Stakeholders: - Stakeholders: individuals, groups, associations or organizations that initiate the campaign stemming from their interest in promoting reform. - kinds of stakeholders: individuals/ associatations, media, government, social scientists. 5) Public Perceptions about the Stakeholder: - Entitlement: The source of the campaign messages must be seen as an individual or group who is entitled to or has the right to offer the messages, place them on the public’s issues agenda, and attempt to change the behaviors of audiences - classes of public issues: 1) obligations 2) opportunities (key motivators)
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Com 275 book notes ch. 15 campaigns - CH. 15 Communication...

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