Pysch 236 Personality Disorders

Pysch 236 Personality Disorders - PSY 236 Exam 3 Study...

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PSY 236 Exam 3 Study Guide Personality Disorders Definition of “personality disorder” -Configuration of traits considered “socially unacceptable” -Patterns of thought, feeling, and behavior that go beyond the normal range of psychological variation DSM-IV o Approach to diagnosis: o Why?   Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM-IV) o Uses a cookbook-like approach to diagnosis o Developed this approach for some important reasons: needed common rubric and language for describing patterns in order to attempt to explore the treatment, needed for insurance o Structure (5 axes): 1. major disorders, schitzophrenia, depression (ego dystonic-feels wrong) 2. personality disorders (ego syntonic-feels normal) 3. physical conditions that may affect mental health 4. stressor in life 5. patients ability to function normally o Which axis are personality disorders on? AXIS 2 5 Common characteristics of personality disorders 1. unusually extreme degree of 1 or more attributes of personality 2. impairment: this behavior must cause major problems for individuals or for others 3. social: disorders are manifested in interactions with others 4. stable: often 1 st visible in childhood 5. ego syntonic 3 Clusters of ten disorders (A, B, C) o General characteristic of cluster A -odd, eccentric; paranoid, schizoid, schitozotypical B -dramatic, erratic; antisocial, borderline, histrionic, narcissistic C -anxious; avoidism, dependant, OCD Specific Personality Disorders Disorders of Unhappiness/Anxiety -Dependent personality Disorder: Characteristics
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Pysch 236 Personality Disorders - PSY 236 Exam 3 Study...

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