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Pysch 236 Personality and Health

Pysch 236 Personality and Health - Personality and Health...

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Personality and Health Personality and health-related behavioral choices o Which factors of personality influence health? a. Behavioral choices b. Perceptions of stress c. Reactions to stress d. Symptom recognition e. Predispositions to illness Characteristics shared by health compromising behaviors Behaviors are tied to the peer culture Behaviors are linked to self-presentation o Image of these behaviors as “cool” Behaviors are pleasurable o Drugs and alcohol can produce some kind of desired effects likely to continue in them Behaviors develop gradually rather than being acquired “all at once” Related to the social structure -Socioeconomic class -Social sanctioning and promotion through advertising *Predicted by: -High levels of conflict with parents, low self-control, antisocial and deviant behavior in childhood and adolescence, low self-esteem Stress o DefinitionStress: Individual’s emotional response to events, feeling overwhelmed by events Types of Stressors: o Major Life Events ~Death of family members, being jailed, being injured ~Marriage, promotions o Daily Hassles ~Concerns about weight, health of family member, prices, housework, too much to do, losing things, yard work, property & taxes, crime, physical appearance Measured: Self-reports Of perceived stress Of life changes Behavioral measures, such as task performance, under stress
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