Psych 236 Culture - Culture Definition, what does it...

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Culture Definition, what does it include? 1. Culture: is the psychological attributes of groups, including “customs, habits, beliefs, and values that shape emotions, behavior and life patterns” 2. Culture may also be language, geography, and shared interest (including any group of people that share the same interests) 3. Culture is learned, and is not due to genetic differences o Enculturation vs. Acculturation: - Enculturation is the learning of the culture of one’s birthplace, which is a process of socialization - Acculturation is when the members of one cultural group adopt the cultures of another group; this most likely happens when a minority group adopts the cultures of the majority group (but can be vise versa) Cross-cultural psychology v. Cultural psychology 1. Cross cultural psychology studies the influence of culture on the psychological variables by comparing cultures 2. Cultural psychology studies how culture influences psychological variables by studying individual cultures on their own terms 2 perspectives on cultural differences o Etic vs. Emic - Etic perspective: is the search for universal components of characteristics, and is a comparative outsider perspective - Emic perspective is the study of characteristics deemed meaningful by members of the culture, and is considered an inside perspective Triandis – 3 dimensions of cultural comparison o Complexity: is how complicated cultures are, whether they be: modern, industrial vs. hunter gatherer (*note: an outside perspective)
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Psych 236 Culture - Culture Definition, what does it...

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