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-Basics about sequential persuasion techniques 1) Pregiving: Giving the persuade something in advance before asking for compliance, increases liking and reciprocity. Bad : if seen as a bribe. 2) Foot in the door: Making a small request first, and, once it is agreed upon, following it up with a second, larger request. 3) Foot in the mouth: Asking people how they are feeling, telling them you’re glad they are feeling well, the asking for compliance. 4) Door in the Face: Making a request so large that it is turned down, and the following it up with a second smaller request. Works because of contrast effect, reciprocal concessions, self- presentation explanation: external cause, others may perceive us negatively. Social responsibility position: internal, have a responsibility to help, guilt-base.
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Unformatted text preview: 5) That’s not all : Adding additional incentives to the original offer. 6) Lowballing : making a deal that is too good to refuse, then after the initial deal is agreed to, changing it to one that is not as attractive. 7) Bait and Switch: say 1 offer, then do not have that offer available but a different one later. 8) Disrupt and reframe: say something off the wall then reframe that offer. (hey buy this candy bar for only 100 pennies! It’s a great deal.) 9) Legitimizing paltry contributions: saying that ANY amount will help the cause. 10) Fear then Relief: Good cop, Bad cop. Make the person fearful first then relieve that fear. More likely to do something. 11) Happiness then disappointment: Make someone happy then disappoint them, more likely to comply....
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