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Group Project Expectations

Group Project Expectations - Our Expectations Question...

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Our Expectations Question Presented Identify all of the issues/problems Identify key facts Length: One clear and concise sentence Statement of Facts Facts refer to the “situation” of both parties in the litigation Discusses relevant and key facts persuasively and thoroughly Facts should be in your own words, not copied from the prompt All facts addressed in the Argument sections must be discussed in this section Hint: Organization of facts can increase or decrease persuasiveness Prior Law An excellent Prior Law section would: o NOT just summarize each case or restate the facts of each case o Identify and discuss the key takeaways and facts of each case Hint: There is a difference between identifying key facts and merely restating the facts o Discuss case law that both helps and hurts your argument (lawyers are obligated to bring all relevant case law to the Court’s attention) o Must address all sources posted on Blackboard
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