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Group Project Instructions - Group Project: General I...

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Unformatted text preview: Group Project: General I nstructions Introduction: This assignment will require you to collaborate with members of your class to prepare and present a legal brief. A legal brief is an argument to the court that based on the facts of a situation (which we will provide) and the current law (which we will provide) that a certain outcome should result. This is a closed assignment which means that all the research and information necessary to complete it will be made available to you on blackboard. You will not be required to do any research for this assignment. However, you will be required to read and understand ALL of the materials that we provide to you. This will be a group project in that your completed assignment and grade will be a result of your combined efforts. Like in the real world, you will not get to pick what side you are on or with whom you will work. Groups: We will assign your group as well as the group you will be arguing against. Your group will be assigned which position to argue. Please see Blackboard for a list of who is in your group. Your groups cannot be changed. All groups will be made from students of the same TA. You must collaborate and communicate with each other in order to successfully complete this assignment. It is your responsibility to meet with your group and be in touch with the members. You must notify your group’s grading TA as soon as possible if you cannot reach a group member or they are not pulling their weight. Components: Each group member is responsible for picking a portion of the brief as their individual component. If you are missing a group member, your group is responsible for working together to complete the remaining components. You do not have to let your TA know which component you pick but when you submit your brief as a whole, your individual name must be on the component that is your individual contribution. Please see the guidelines below for each component. Please note successfully completing this assignment will require you to see each other’s individual components. The Components are: (1) Statement of Facts (2) Prior Law (3) Argument I: Are classifications based on sexual orientation suspect? (4) Argument II: Does the statute pass rational basis review? Does the statute pass intermediate scrutiny? (5) Question Presented and Conclusion; Oral Argument. 1 | P a g e Grading : This assignment will be worth a total of 20 Points . We anticipate that each group member will receive the same grade. However, if it is apparent that certain members did not contribute, we reserve the right to adjust the grades accordingly. Each component is worth four points....
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Group Project Instructions - Group Project: General I...

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