Research Paper Topic Final

Research Paper Topic Final - LAW & AMERICA SOCIETY...

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L AW MERICA S OCIETY R ESEARCH P APER T OPIC To: Legal Assistant From: Executive Assistants to Dr. Hodge Re: Hostile Work Environment Suit Date: September 14, 2010 Recently, our longtime client, Dr. Donald Jones, approached Dr. Hodge, the managing partner of our law firm, with a major legal dilemma. Dr. Jones is a co-owner, along with Joe Roberts, of Tyler’s Sports Bar & Grill (“Tyler’s”). One of their employees, Mandy Williams, has just filed a lawsuit against Tyler’s and its owners. Ms. Williams raised a number of claims in her complaint including intentional infliction of emotional distress, hostile work environment, and retaliation, to name a few. Dr. Hodge has asked you to write a memorandum only addressing the hostile work environment claim. Dr. Jones and Mr. Roberts hired Ms. Williams one (1) year ago to work as a bartender. Mr. Roberts was Ms. Williams’ direct supervisor. Ms. Williams had one co-worker on her shift, Andy Smith. Although the space behind the bar was tight, three people could easily work behind the bar without bumping into each other. Nevertheless, Mr. Roberts would often brush up against Ms. Williams. Over the course of seven months, and several times each day, Mr. Roberts would daily brush up against Ms. Williams’ backside when he walked behind her. Mr. Roberts would also stand close to Ms. Williams while tending the bar and his arm would sometimes brush up against Ms. Williams’ breasts. Ms. Williams noticed that Mr. Roberts never brushed up against Mr. Smith, a male bartender. At first, Ms. Williams did not say anything to Mr. Roberts although when Mr. Roberts would brush up against her, she would always move to make room for him. Additionally, at least three times, Ms. Williams heard Mr. Roberts tell a customer that the bar did not get “hot” until Ms. Williams walked into it.
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Research Paper Topic Final - LAW & AMERICA SOCIETY...

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