StOC 1111 S3 Informative Outline Example 2 NCLB

StOC 1111 S3 Informative Outline Example 2 NCLB - Speech...

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Outline Name: George X Date: July 29, 2009 Term Topic Question: Should Congress amend the No Child Left Behind Act to eliminate the use of standardized tests? I. Introduction A. Attention-Gaining Strategy : I want all of you to close your eyes and imagine yourself back in grade school; you are sitting in a small desk, you have a sheet of paper in front of you with nothing but empty bubbles, you have your number 2 pencil poised and ready to fill in yet another answer, and this is your third day of doing so. Now ask yourself, do you really understand what impact the answer will have on you and your family? Open your eyes. B. Need to Listen/Importance to Audience : We all have taken the standardized tests that are used to assess the knowledge of students. I am sure many of you understand how those assessments are used. However, could there be a better way to know what our students know? (Rhetorical) The answer to that question is one of importance to each person in this room. Show me by raising your hands whether or not you plan to have kids. How about owning property? How about how many of you care about how your tax money is spent? All of the people in this room have contributed in some way to the funding of schools and the education initiative in this state, and therefore should have a vested interest in this subject. To illustrate, Governor Rendell recently released the results of the standardized tests early as a bargaining chip for the revised state budget as reported in the Philadelphia Inquirer . C. Credibility : Not only have I had to endure the same testing process all of you have, but I also have to endure hearing about all of the nuances of the test giving process. My wife is a teacher in the Philadelphia school district. As such, on occasion, I have sat in on many discussions she has had with her peers on the validity of the testing process. I have done much research, read through many articles and papers, and looked at the numbers that the tests output. Furthermore, I have knowledge of statistics and how the manipulation of data can produce numerous results. D. Preview of Main Points : Today, I am going to tell the history behind standardized testing, recent changes that have been made to education legislation, and the controversy surrounding testing as a method of assessment. Transition: In order to really understand how these tests are used now and the controversy in recent years, I must explain their history. The standardized tests for this discussion are tools used by the No Child Left Behind Act and its predecessors from the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965 (ESEA) to the Improving of America’s Schools Act of 1994 (IASA). (Cue slide 1,2)
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StOC 1111 S3 Informative Outline Example 2 NCLB - Speech...

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