StOC 1111 S4 Persuasive Outline Example 1 NCLB

StOC 1111 S4 Persuasive Outline Example 1 NCLB - Speech IV:...

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Speech IV: Proposition of Fact Outline George X 8/04/09 Term Topic Question: Should Congress amend the No Child Left Behind Act to eliminate the use of standardized tests? I. Introduction A. Attention-Gaining Strategy : Last week all of you imagined taking a test. Today, I have your imaginary results. Unfortunately, you did not perform well. Therefore, we have no choice but to cut your funding and fire all of your teachers. But don’t worry, you can always start over in another school…(pause)…OK, I don’t think I need to illustrate how ridiculous this sounds, but this is how the current system works. Schools with poor test scores face an array of sanctions including both budget cuts and restructuring of the school, both of which can be devastating to the student. Show me by a raising of hands if this sounds like an ideal environment and situation conducive to learning. B. POF + Preview of Main Points : 1. Proposition of Fact/Thesis statement : Standardized testing is a faulty method for evaluating student achievement. 2. Preview of main points : Today I will discuss how the use of standardized testing has lead to the educational segregation of some students and isolated the teachers from the process of educating our children. Transition : Previously, I had discussed how the emphasis of a standardized curriculum was the result of the evolution of the ESEA. Part of this evolution was holding schools accountable for their progress through assessments based on standardized testing. Today, with the sanctions directly resulting from poor test scores, we are in danger of creating a new type of educational segregation. II. Body A. First Main Point : Since the enactment of the NCLB Act, the use of standardized testing has only served to further segregate those who need the help most. (Cue Slide 1) The Mathew Effect , a term coined by Keith E. Stanovich, can be applied to explain how the performance gap between the schools that receive higher budgets and those that are affected by the sanctions persists. The fact is that inequalities in our education system do exist and, since these inequalities are
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StOC 1111 S4 Persuasive Outline Example 1 NCLB - Speech IV:...

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