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STRC 1111 Issues Analysis Kids Fitness

STRC 1111 Issues Analysis Kids Fitness - StOC 1111 Issues...

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StOC 1111 Issues Analysis Name: Jeanine X Date: Term Topic Question: Should the U.S. Department of Education make physical education mandatory in schools? Issue 1 Proponent American Heart Association, Institute of Medicine, National Association for Sport & Physical Education, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Opponent No Child Left behind, state school board associations Additional Perspectives Should schools play a role in students’ physical activity? Argument or Claim PE has been in U.S. schools since the late 1800s. Students have time for recess and in the past more students have walked or biked to and from school. The purpose of the FIT Kids Act, which was presented in 2007, is to use PE as a means to help fight increasing childhood obesity in the U.S. Argument or Claim NCLB concentrates on schools’ academic progress, especially for math, reading, and language arts, rather than schools’ PE programs. PE classes means hiring more teachers who are qualified to teach PE, which results in fewer teachers for academic subjects and larger classes. Increased time for physical activity could mean longer school days or cutting classroom time. New teachers cost extra money that schools are not receiving for PE concerns from NCLB.
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