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STRC 1111 S3 Informative Speech Criteria (Fall 2010)(1)

STRC 1111 S3 Informative Speech Criteria (Fall 2010)(1) -...

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STRC 1111 Speech 3: Informative Speech Purpose : The purpose of this third speaking assignment is to: (1) provide the general background information necessary for your audience to understand your term topic, (2) manage the amount and detail of the information provided while meeting the time requirement, (3) improve your organizational and delivery skills. General Expectations 1. Your speech should be 6 to 8 ½ minutes long. 2. On the day of your presentation, you will need to provide your instructor with: a. an Evaluation form (print off from Blackboard). b. an outline of your presentation. c. a works cited page. d. a copy of your PowerPoint slides. 3. There is a sample outline on Blackboard (under “Assignments”—Speech 3: Informative). 4. There is a blank outline template (Word file) on Blackboard (under “Assignments”—Speech 3: Informative). 5. Your attire should be “business casual.” 6. At the end of every presentation, audience members will have the opportunity to offer constructive feedback to the speaker concerning her or his organization, content, and delivery. After this presentation, the audience will also be asked to generate questions about the information provided during the speaker’s presentations.
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