STRC 1111 Speech 5 Proposition of Policy (Comparative Advantage) Outline Format

STRC 1111 Speech 5 Proposition of Policy (Comparative Advantage) Outline Format

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Speech 5: Proposition of Policy Comparative Advantage I. Introduction A. Attention Getter: B. Term Topic Question and Preview: 1. Restate and answer your term topic question - 2. Preview your main points II. Body A. Solution There are two possible approaches for this section: 1. Review the major components of the existing policy/solution. 2. Review the major components of two potential policies/solutions. B. Solution 2 (Proposed Policy/Solution)
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Unformatted text preview: Goal: Argue that your chosen policy/solution is the best possible solution in comparison to the existing policy or another proposed solution. It is important that you establish concrete criteria for evaluating or comparing the two policies/solutions. III. Conclusion A. Review : B. Appeal to Action : Goal: Provide specific steps or actions that your audience may take to help enact your solution. C. Final Thought :...
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