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Adherence to Assignment’s Basic Requirements . This includes timely submission (hard copy and SafeAssign), length requirements, MLA, and writing the paper on the topic assigned and using sources as indicated. Presentation . Degree to which paper is free of spelling, grammatical and format errors (ie, it has been meticulously proofread and edited). Construction of Argument . Degree to which the paper contains a clearly defined thesis statement at the end of its introduction. The introduction clearly identifies the topic at hand and leads your reader into the thesis. The thesis clearly states the argument you are putting forward. Thereafter, the degree to which the argument is supported and advanced via direct support from the text(s) on offer (through direct quotation and, where appropriate, paraphrase) and, where applicable, use of secondary source material. Part of construction is the degree to which you incorporate yourself, the text(s) and the secondary source material. Depth of Research/Appropriateness of Secondary Sources
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