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Paper Notes Please refer to the university policy on plagiarism and the course policy on plagiarism. Any papers that contain plagiarism will result in the student receiving a grade of F for the course. A Works Cited page lists only those sources that you cite directly in your paper. This does not mean that you can quote or paraphrase additional sources and not list them: that would constitute plagiarism. These papers must be your own work. You may only use outside sources as indicated below. Theatre Review . Consult Bedford’s “Writing About Drama” (pp. 1023-33) for this assignment. This paper must be 3-4 pages in length and adhere to MLA guidelines. Please do not exceed the length requirement by more than 10%, and do not submit a paper less than three full pages in length (plus WC page, which includes MLA citation of the performance you attended). The performance you attend is your primary source. A secondary source is not required. If you wish to use one, you must meet with me to get it approved beforehand. Your theatre review is not a plot summary of the play: it is your analysis of the production you
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