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1 Syllabus Spring 2010 English 1131: Introduction to Drama Section 01: TR 12:30-1:50 Ritter Hall 110 Instructor : Dr. Elizabeth Mannion Office : Anderson 848 Office Hours : F 11-12 and 1-3pm Email : [email protected] Website: then click on “Blackboard” Any student who has a need for accommodation based on the impact of a disability should a) contact Disability Resources and Services at 215-204-1280 in 100 Ritter Annex to discuss and coordinate reasonable accommodations and b) contact me privately to discuss the specific situation as soon as possible. Statement on Academic Freedom: Freedom to teach and freedom to learn are inseparable facets of academic freedom. The University has adopted a policy on Student and Faculty Academic Rights and Responsibilities (Policy # 03.70.02) which can be accessed through the following link: ?policy_no=03.70.02 < policy_no=03.70.02> . Course Description: Drama is primarily a visual spectacle meant to be performed by actors and viewed by an audience. But this course will focus on treating drama as literature to be read and contemplated. We will, however, discuss such issues as spectacle and staging throughout the course, and view two film adaptations in their entirety (plus select scenes from others). We will also examine characters, themes, and symbols as they occur in various plays, as well as the cultural and historical setting and significance of each drama. Required Texts: Jacobus, Lee A., ed. The Compact Bedford Introduction to Drama, 6 th ed . (Boston and New York: Bedford, 2009). Required Performance Attendance: You must attend a TU theatre performance during the semester and write a review of the play. You have a choice between Divine Words (to be staged 2/10-2/21) or Rent (3/3-4/11). The Divine Words option is due Thursday, 2/25 and Rent is due Tuesday, 4/13. Ticket and summary information on both plays can be found on Blackboard under Course Documents and at Class Policies
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IntroDramaSyllSPRING2010 - 1 Syllabus Spring 2010 English...

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