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Krapp’s Last Tape Written in English. Premieres London 1958 (five years after Godot ). Notes from the introduction to the text (from Bedford edition): 1) Editor is commenting on Beckett’s trilogy, but this is noteworthy to our plays as well perhaps: “about men who have become disaffected with society and who have strange and compelling urgencies to be alone and to follow exacting and repetitive patterns of behavior” (777). 2) Beckett as providing “characters who endure even in the face of apparent defeat” (778). 3) On Krapp’s Last Tape : “Krapp is in many ways a typical Beckett protagonist. He is totally alone, with…no connections with the lives of others except through memory…His past, which absorbs all his energy, organizational skill, and technical know-how, was not devoted to a life that was lived. It was devoted to a life that was left unlived; Krapp has avoided the world. Krapp’s is a life of denial” (779). The time frame: Notice that the play is set “in the future.” WHAT DOES THAT SAY
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