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WC HandoutDRAMA - Works Cited Ibsen Henrik A Doll House The...

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Works Cited Ibsen, Henrik. A Doll House . The Compact Bedford Introduction to Drama, 6 th ed . Ed. Lee A. Jacobus. Boston and New York: Bedford, 2009. 397-425. Jacobus, Lee A. “Introduction to The Cherry Orchard .” The Compact Bedford Introduction to Drama, 6 th ed . Boston and New York: Bedford, 2009. 521-24. Two Gentlemen of Verona . By William Shakespeare. Dir. John Smith. Perf. Sean Walsh and Carl Moore. Randall Theater, Philadelphia. 4 Jan. 2007. The listing above provides you with examples of how to list select items on a Works Cited page. Notice: the title Works Cited is not underlined; the items are listed in alphabetical order; if a source exceeds one line of type, then subsequent lines are indented; titles of plays, books and films are all underlined (or italics if you prefer); chapter titles go in quotation marks; and that the page is double spaced. Remember when citing a printed source within the body of your essay that the reference provided in parens should contain ONLY the first word that corresponds to your Works Cited followed by the page number from which you obtained the quote or paraphrase. When quoting
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