Physicalism and Blade Runner Notes

Physicalism and Blade Runner Notes - Note: Portions of...

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Note: Portions of these notes have been taken from the wikipedia entries on their respective topics BEHAVIORISM: This is characterized by a strong verificationism , which generally considers unverifiable statements about interior mental life senseless. For the behaviorist, mental states are not interior states on which one can make introspective reports. They are just descriptions of behavior or dispositions to behave in certain ways, made by third parties to explain and predict others' behavior. Why would anyone be a behaviorist? There are three main reasons (see also Zuriff 1985). The first is epistemic. Warrant or evidence for saying, at least in the third person case, that an animal or person is in a certain mental state, for example, possesses a certain belief, is grounded in behavior, understood as observable behavior. Prob: behaviorism could be said to be counter-intuitive when it maintains that someone is talking about behavior in the event that a person is experiencing a painful headache. MIND-BRAIN IDENTITY THEORY: Ok, so maybe pain isn’t explained as a behavior or a tendency . But we could explain it as identical with some brain state . To be in pain, on this view, is for my brain to be in some state. Pain on this view is equivalent to (let’s say) c-fiber firings. Possible trouble:
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Physicalism and Blade Runner Notes - Note: Portions of...

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