PS7%20Handout - CEVG 2014 PROBLEM SET #7 (50 points)...

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CEVG 2014 20 Oct 2010 PROBLEM SET #7 (50 points) Problem Set #7 is due at the beginning of Lesson 30 (1 Nov 2010). 1. ( 10 Points ) Frame Analysis. Unfortunately, you ran out of time working on your friend’s car and the engine is still suspended on the frame you rebuilt in Problem Set #6. Knowing there is no excuse for not making it back to mechanics class on time, you decide to borrow her bicycle. But before hitting the road, you decide to run a few quick calculations on the brake system shown in Figure 1. A CE D Figure 1. Brake System on your “ride” to get back to mechanics class. a. Is the brake caliper a frame or a machine? Why? b. Being strong, you estimate that you can apply 65 pounds of tension to the brake cable. The caliper mechanism is pin-connected to the bicycle frame at B. Draw a complete free body diagram of member ABC. Determine the normal force each brake pad exerts on the rim of the wheel. c. Is this normal force the force that stops the wheel from turning? Explain why or why not. 1
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2. ( 20 Points ) Tributary Area / Load Path Analysis. The scissors lift in Figure 2 consists of three sets of cross members and three hydraulic cylinders, DE , positioned as shown in the end view in Figure 3. A stack of boxes totaling 25 kN with a center of gravity at G 2 is positioned as depicted in Figures 2 and 3.
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PS7%20Handout - CEVG 2014 PROBLEM SET #7 (50 points)...

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