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Essay Novels - Intro to Novels 10 March 2011 Man-hood...

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Intro to Novels 10 March 2011 Man-hood Affecting Life For as long as gender has been distinguished, men have played a certain role in society. While the society may change, the role remains consistent. Society expects men to act tough, emotionless, and strong. Dating back to prehistoric days, the men of a village were the ones who hunted the food, fought the wars, and led the group. This is because men were supposedly meant to do this. In reality, men should do what is right, and with that, do what is usually the harder thing to do. They should put others first and, with that, act in an unselfish way. In Their Eyes Were Watching God, by Zora Neale Hurston, and The Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman, by Ernest J. Gaines, the men who do what a real man should do are the ones who succeed in their endeavors and find happiness in life. Throughout the first section of Their Eyes Were Watching God , Janie’s relationship with Logan Killicks starts just as quickly as it ends. Janie’s nanny is the one who forces the relationship in the first place. Nanny thinks Logan would be a good fit for Janie because Logan is a well-respected man with a steady job. However, that is not what Janie values. Janie wants a man acts like a real man and will treat her how she deserves. However, Logan does not do this. Right after they get married, Logan acts like a gentleman and does a lot for Janie, so Janie overlooks how she does not feel for him. But eventually, Logan stops putting on a show for Janie and his true side begins to show. While he is a respected man and has a steady job with good job security on his farm, he
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Essay Novels - Intro to Novels 10 March 2011 Man-hood...

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