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English Health - physically fit The normal day for a...

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Blake Bender Ms. M. Williams 9/23/10 Running for Success Running leads directly to success in a college student’s busy life. In the life of normal twenty or so year old, every day is filled with a number of stresses that seem to encompass the entire day. They are told to get involved at all hours of the day and seem to have no time for relaxation, exercise, and reflection. Running can provide all of these. Being told to go to classes and get involved with groups, clubs, and teams, students find little to no time to relax with some friends. They become overwhelmed with their activities and need to be able to have free time. Running can be this time. Running with a friend can build friendships, be a time for hanging out with friends and forgetting about schoolwork, if only for an hour or so. This will allow a student to be more focused and determined to finished his work when he starts up again. In addition to helping with relaxation, running can help a student stay
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Unformatted text preview: physically fit. The normal day for a student is filled with going to class, getting lunch, doing homework, getting dinner, and then going to bed. There is little or no room for regular exercise, especially everyday. But all a student needs is a half hour most days a week of running. This will keep the student at a healthy fitness level while not consuming hours a day. Being physically healthy is crucial towards maintaining academic success and constant extra-curricular involvement. Lastly, running can provide much needed time for personal reflection. In the constant hustle of the day, a student can feel like time is just flying past him. He will lose sight of everything he has experienced and will not learn much from his successes and failures. Running by yourself can give a student a stress-free time to reflect upon his day and see what he needs to improve upon and where he has had success....
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