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Blake Bender 10/26/10 Religion and Spirituality Outline Introduction - The difference between spirituality and religion - What you expect to find - Religion is a more organized set of beliefs and standards, guides our lives. It is theology more than philosophy. What to believe over why to believe it. - Spirituality goes into the depth of the meaning of everyday life, it takes a more philosophical stance Body I am going to have three paragraphs, the first one going into the depths of religion, the second into spirituality, and the third and longest one will compare and contrast the difference between the two and how they each affect our daily lives. I
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Unformatted text preview: expect to find out that religion goes back to the times of the new testament writers, while spirituality goes back to the times of the first philosophers, or the first people to write about why humans do what they do. I will also look up the popular opinions of what people think of the two and how more people tend to go towards religion. III. Conclusions I will sum up what I wrote in my paper, while adding the last bit of insight to prove my point about the differences between the two....
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