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Quiz 2 Review You are responsible for all the notes and class discussion and homework assignment w.r.t. ethics. Some Topics to focus on: What is ethics? Knowing right from wrong and knowing when to practice one or the other. Is the ethical issue the same as legal issues? Give examples. Legal things can be both ethical and unethical. The same goes for illegal things. What are the ethical organization’s activities? Treat all well Fairness=top priority Everyone is held accountable for their actions Communicate core values and principles to all Demand/reward integrity What creates the ethical challenges? Multiple stakeholders make conflicting demands What are the ethical issues that a business might encounter? Bribes, cooking
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Unformatted text preview: the books, selling defective products. What is the social responsibility of a company? The approach an organization takes in balancing its responsibilities toward different stakeholders when making decisions. Who are the stakeholders? Owners Employees Customers Community What are the company’s responsibilities to different types of stakeholders? Owners- accurate/ reliable information, fiduciary responsibilities Employees- safety and health, freedom from sexual harassment, equal opportunity and diversity, wages and benefits Customers- right to safe products, to be informed, to choose, to be heard Community- financial contributions, volunteerism, supporting social causes, environmentalism...
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