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Theology 100 – Exam 1 Study Guide Monotheism – Religious tradition that has a notion of a maker who gives order to the universe and sustains all that exists in it (ex: Judaism, Christianity and Islam). Polytheism – The belief in more than one supreme being. Henotheism – The practice of worshipping a single God while accepting the existence or possible existence of other deities. Animism – Souls/spirits exist in non-human beings such as plants, animals, and other parts of the environment. Allah – In Islam the one undivided God proclaimed by Muhammad who is creator and sustainer of all that is, and who has revealed himself in the Qur’an. Qur’an – In Islam, the Word of Allah, given as a revelation to the prophet Muhammad. The Holy Book of Islam, it is said to be a faithful copy of the eternal Qur’an inscribed in heaven. Muslim – “One who submits,” a practitioner of Islam. They believe that submission to God and proper relationship to neighbors are fundamental. It is, according to Islamic insight, acceptance of Allah and his law which brings order and meaning to the world. Five Pillars – Five devotional-ritual duties with social implications. 1. Shahada a. The proclamation of faith in God as the only god and acknowledgment of Muhammad as his messanger. 2.
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THEOLOGY100Exam1studyguide - Theology 100 Exam 1 Study...

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