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What are Customer Relationship Management Systems? Allow all “customer facing systems” to have the same view of each customer Goals o To manage multiple channels of interaction with customer o To provide an integrated picture of each customer o To enable analysis of customer-related information Enterprise CRM Front Office – Operational CRM Sales Systems Marketing Systems Customer Service Systems Collaborative CRM Data Warehouse Data Mining System Back Office – Analytical CRM Data Mining – finds out unknown relationships and data such as customer loyalty CRM Components Operational o Supports traditional transaction processing for customer-facing operations o Example: Customer self-service (order tracking) Collaborative o Directed toward improving customer interactions o Example: Live-chat Analytical o Technologies and processes used to analyze customer data o Example: Customer segmentation, customer profiling CRM Applications Marketing Automation o Cross-selling/up-selling; Campaign management Up-Selling: Trying to get the customer to buy a product of greater value that is focused on customer needs. Sales Force Automation o Contact management; Product configuration Field service o Technician dispatch; Defect tracking Contact Centers o Call management o Integration with marketing, sales-force and field-service management
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Customer self-service o Examples: o Brighthouse Networks View information about products and services Limited online ordering o Online Banking (certain aspects) Checking Balances, cleared items, etc. o USPS/UPS/FedEx Track packages Prepare shipping documents; check rates Supply Chain Management What is SCM? “Business process of managing the complex interaction of products, materials, equipment, labor, and cash as they flow through the supply chain and fulfill customer demand.” Supply Chain Activities 1. Plan a. Develop a supply chain strategy and a set of metrics for monitoring 2. Source
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ITM200InClassNotes - What are Customer Relationship...

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