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ITM 200 – Midterm Notes TEST TUESDAY OCTOBER 12 Forums: Management Misinformation Systems 5 myths IT Doesn’t Matter Economist Special Reports Data Exhaust Know the amount of information in the past year Majority of information is unstructured (5% is structured) 1972 – Invention of Internet by ARPA 1974 – Design of a Transmission Control Program (TCP) by Vint Cerf 1982 – IBM PC 1989 – Tim Burners Lee (CERN) invents the World Wide Web 1994 – Sun Corporation invents Java, as a result of e-Commerce being created
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Unformatted text preview: Semantic Web WATCH VIDEO Semantics = understanding the meaning of things Cloud Computing 80% of the Web is invisible to search engines NO QUESTIONS ON SCIENTISTS STRIVE TO MAP THE SHAPE SHIFTING NET Open Source GPL and LGPL The Economics of Open Source Modeling GO OVER ALL POWERPOINTS/WIKINOTES THREE-TIER ARCHITECTURE Dr. Ike Kwon leader of the Center for Supply Chain Management Studies...
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