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Karlo Natonton 253 words Philosophy 105 Instructor: Alex Plato November 10, 2009 There are several different arguments that explain the existence of God. Among these arguments are the ontological, cosmological, and design argument. The design argument is one of the several arguments that philosophers use to explain the existence of God. The design argument is mainly based on logic and rationality. By looking at any object in the world it is logical and rational to believe that there is a God. It does not make any sense to believe that any object that exists has been around forever. For example, a car just does not exist. It requires someone who is intelligent to design and manufacture the car. There had to be a creator or a God that designed the universe. The traditional design argument begins by stating that every intricate
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Unformatted text preview: object is a product of intelligent design. By observation, the universe is composed of intricate objects and parts. Because the universe is such an intricate design, the only person or thing that could design it is God. Therefore, there probably is a God. The design argument describes how the universe is created by a higher being which is God. There are things in the world that people know to be intelligently designed such as computers and iPods. But for the other complex things that people do not know to be designed by intelligence such as the human body, they assume that a God has designed such complex things. An example of this is how people say that newborn babies are “one of God’s creations.”...
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