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Karlo Natonton 805 Philosophy 105 Instructor: Alex Plato Assignment 3 November 24, 2009 “Should I believe in God?” One may respond with a simple yes or no to this rather broad question. However, those that truly do not have any prior beliefs on the topic of the existence of God needs evidence and proof that one should or should not believe in a God. There are several arguments such as intelligent design theories, ontological theories, and Pascal’s wager that provide evidence that one should believe in God. These arguments are made heavily in favor of the theists who attempt to bring about the belief in God. In order to understand that God does exist, one must understand one of the strongest arguments made for God’s existence. That argument is the intelligent design theory. This theory is based on logic and rationality. Just by looking around at any object, it is clear that a God exists. Take for instance a car. The car is a complex and intricate piece of engineering. It is not logical to believe that such a complex object has existed forever. Something such as a car had to have been created and designed by someone that had the intelligence to do so. Using this logic,
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philosophyassignment3 - Karlo Natonton Philosophy 105...

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