French Revolution

French Revolution - Lecture Outline I Overview- Why is it...

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Lecture Outline I Overview- Why is it the French revolution turned out so violent? The dark side of the enlightenment. It introduced a new style of politics, revolutionary politics that leads to the deaths of thousands II The Enlightenment: A double edged sword He talks about human beings being able to perfect themselves to create a more perfect society. He believes that if humans are rational then he can make the world a better place. “The time will therefore come when the sun will shine only on free men who know no other master but their reason: when tyrants and slaves, priests and their stupid or hypocritical instruments, will exist only in works of history and on the stage; and when we shall think of them only to pity their victims and their dupes; to maintain ourselves in a state of vigilance by thinking on their excesses; and to learn how to recognize and so to destroy, by force of reason, the first seeds of tyranny and superstition, should they ever dare to reappear amongst us.” Maximillien Rospier said 1/3 of the population France might have to be guillotined in order to realize the true ideas of the French revolution. Jean Jacques Rousseau says “We each of us place, in common, his person, and all his power under the supreme direction of the general will, and we receive into the body each member as an indivisible part of the whole.” What is general will? It’s the true self interest of that society or that community whether or not the people in that society know it or not. It is confusing because who decides this? “In order therefore to prevent the social compact from becoming a vain form, it
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French Revolution - Lecture Outline I Overview- Why is it...

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