From Greenland's Icy Mountains

From Greenland's Icy Mountains - MlssrOlfS ~ISSIONS 494 2 T...

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MlssrOlfS 494 Bwake, U'bou Spira, 'tIlIlbo IDt~st fire 2 Thcss, 3: I So 8, 8. 8. 8. &. ~. a<= h auf. do. Geis t dcr C~ ten Zcng'CT) All' EM' I>nd 1.01. Carl fl. t·. .. 8D9atzk'y, 1?iiO. c.mW 'XircM-.!.9<san.g!n<·,h" 1,. ... Ca,theri1to W inkworth, us., aU. Stra.",,"urg, ~ s~ , I 1 --"lJI. I I I m'iI. . t:;,J. ~ rtJ 1 A - wake, Thou Spu - it, who didst fire The watch-men of the 2 Lord, let OUI ear -nest pra~'et be heard, The prayer Thy Son hath SOh, haste to help ere we are lost! Send preach-ers forth, in 4 And let Thy Word have speed-y course, Thro' ev - 'ry land be .(2. .. ~ .-fI- ~.:t+ ~ .fL -I- -.~ ..... I "1 -r Church's youth, Who faced the Foe's en - ven· omed ire, Who bid us pray; For, lo, Thy chil-dren's hearts lUe stirred In spir - it strong, Armed with Thy Word, a. daunt-less host, Bold glo - ri - fled, Till all haa-then know its force And wit-nessed day and night Thy truth, Whose voie - es loud are ring - ing ev -'ry land ill this our day To cry With fer - vent soul to to at - tack the rule of WIong; Let them the earth for Thee ra- fill Thy church-es far and wide. Oh, spread the con-quest of Thy ~ -fI- - ~ -''' I· • I F I OJ:~ ~ :J-co
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