Paper 2 - Graflage 1 Chris Graflage Dr. Ruff History...

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Graflage 1 Chris Graflage Dr. Ruff History A112-02 (203) 27 April 2009 A Prospective of the Holocaust Primo Levi’s description coincides with the traditional view of the Holocaust; The German Nazis were the architects, and impoverished Eastern European Jews were overwhelmingly the victims. The dehumanization of the Jews allowed the German Nazis to commit the horrific acts of the Holocaust. The roots of the dehumanization can be connected in Social Darwinism. The Nazis believed that what they were doing to the Jews was for the good of the superior race, Aryanism. In Levi’s account, as soon as he was captured by the Nazis, the dehumanization began. “With the absurd precision to which we later had to accustom ourselves, the Germans held the roll-call. At the end, the officer asked wievel Stuck? The corporal saluted smartly and replied that there were six hundred and fifty ‘pieces’ and that all was in order.” (Levi 9) After the roll the Nazis took the Jews to the train station where they laid the first blows to the Jews without anger. The Nazis then proceeded to cram the Jews in small wagons. There were twelve goods wagons for six hundred and fifty men. In Levi’s small wagon there were forty-five people. This is another example of the Nazis dehumanizing the Jews. They packed the Jews in the trains as if they were cattle. Levi describes it, saying, “…men, women, and children pressed together without pity, like cheap merchandise for a journey towards nothingness; a journey down there towards the bottom.” (Levi 9). When the Jews got to Auschwitz they
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Graflage 2 were split up in two groups, one group goes to the work camp and the other goes to the gas chamber. Levi describes the SS behaving with the calm assurance of people doing their normal duty of every day even though they were sending people to death. They split up families and took their possessions. Levi and the others chosen “fit” for work were
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Paper 2 - Graflage 1 Chris Graflage Dr. Ruff History...

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