Von Galen, Bolshevism[1]

Von Galen, Bolshevism[1] - Pastoral Letter by von Galen,...

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Pastoral Letter by von Galen, Münster, 14 September 1941 Clemens August, Through the Grace of God and the Holy See, Bishop of Münster Presents to the clergy and all believers in the diocese Greetings and the blessing of the Lord. My beloved flock, “Communism is bad in its innermost core. He who would save Christian culture, must not work together or get involved with Communism in any domain.” With these words, Pope Pius XI summarized his most blessed thoughts in his worldwide pastoral letter, “Divini Redemporis,” the Catholic church’s verdict about Bolshevism, which is, of course, the form of Communism propagated and put into action by the Russian rulers. He was able to point to earlier verdicts against Communist teachings, which Pope Pius IX already declared in 1846 and 1864 and Pope Leo XIII in 1878 and to his own, which he used to describe and condemn Bolshevism in 1924, 1928, 1931, 1932 and 1933. The German bishops as well have had no shortage of warnings about the dangers of Communism. In their joint pastoral letters from 1921, 1924, 1931 and especially in two pastoral letters from 1936 about Bolshevism, they called their flocks to be on their guard against Communist propaganda. 1. Dearest flock! We have clearly recognized the evil (Schlechtigkeit) of the Communist teachings and its deceptive allure, with which, in claiming to bring economic progress and an “earthly paradise” to all, it beguiles especially those who have been alienated from the belief in divine providence and a heavenly paradise. It was therefore, for us, the lifting of a heavy burden, when the Führer and the Reich Chancellor declared on 22 July 1942 that the so-called “Russian pact” which had been signed in July with the Bolshevik rulers was no longer in effect and, in an explicit call to the German people, the falseness and faithlessness of the Bolsheviks. He publicly declared: “For over two
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Von Galen, Bolshevism[1] - Pastoral Letter by von Galen,...

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