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a. weak analogy b. false cause c. slippery slope d. hasty generalization e. appeal to unqualified authority f. appeal to ignorance _____ 1. On our first date, George had his hands all over me, and I found it nearly impossible to keep him in his place. A week ago Tom gave me that stupid line about how, in order to prove my love, I had to spend the night with him. Men are all alike. All any of them want is sex. _____ 2. When water is poured on the top of a pile of rocks, it always trickles down to the rocks on the bot- tom. Similarly, when rich people make lots of money, we can expect this money to trickle down to the poor. _____ 3. Nobody has ever proved that immoral behavior by elected officials erodes public morality. There- fore, we must conclude that such behavior does not erode public morality. _____ 4. A few minutes after Governor Harrison finished his speech on television, a devastating earthquake struck southern Alaska. For the safety of the people up there, it is imperative that Governor Harrison make
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Unformatted text preview: no more speeches. _____ 5. U.S. Senator Tom Coburn says that lesbianism is rampant in the Oklahoma schools. This must indeed be true, because surely the senator couldnt be mistaken about the schools in his own home state. _____ 6. There are more churches in New York City than in any other city in the nation, and more crimes are committed in New York City than anywhere else. So, if we are to eliminate crime, we must abolish the churches. _____ 7. No one would buy a pair of shoes without trying them on. Why should anyone be expected to get married without premarital sex? _____ 8. We dont dare let the animal rights activists get her foot in the door. If they sell us on the idea that dogs, cats, and dolphins have rights, next it will be chickens and cows. That means no more chicken Kiev or prime rib. Next it will be worms and insects. This will lead to the decimation of our agricultural industry. The starvation of the human race will follow close behind....
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