Torture a necessary - Chris Graflage Phil 205-21 Torture: A...

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Chris Graflage Phil 205-21 Torture: A Necessary Act The purpose of this paper is to show that certain torture is necessary in certain situations. It can be effective in getting information out of terrorist when needed in a timely manner. I intend to show this through examples and moral reasoning. The issue at hand is whether forms of torture can be justified in certain circumstances. This all depends on a couple things. First, it depends on how you define torture. There are many different ways to define torture but most have the same basic elements. The definition given by the Unite Nations Convention against torture summarized is “any act by which severe pain or suffering, whether physical or mental, is intentionally inflicted on a person to obtain information or a confession, and where such an act is allowed by a public official.” Secondly it depends on your view of the world. Your viewpoint matters because it decides when you can and can not justify torture. Some people are absolute deontologist, believing that “no amount of good could possibly justify torture.” (Burgess-Jackson) Others are consequentialists believing that “each act must be evaluated on its own merits. Acts that maximize the good (e.g., happiness) are right, while acts that do not maximize the good are wrong.” (Burgess-Jackson) I will be favoring a consequentialist viewpoint and explaining why the deontologist viewpoint is illogical. An opposing viewpoint of torture is deontology. There are different forms of
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Torture a necessary - Chris Graflage Phil 205-21 Torture: A...

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