Module 35 - o Conscientiousness- assesses how organized,...

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Personality: Contemporary Perspectives Module 35 Positive aspects, growth- humanists o Humanism Abaraham Maslow o Self-actualization- where we are on the hierarchy of needs influences/determines our personality Carl Rogers o Person-centered perspective- faciliatated development of the individual o Genuineness- being open and honest with one another o Acceptance- unconditional positive regard o Empathy- put yourself in someone’s shoes, not pity o Actual and ideal self o Actual self- who you feel you can actually are o Ideal-self- who you want to be, ideal you The Big Five- the trait theories of psychology o Openness to experience- measures how imaginative, independent, open to variety a person is.
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Unformatted text preview: o Conscientiousness- assesses how organized, careful, disciplined, how thoughtful a person is. o Extraversion- how outgoing or sociable a person may be, called extraverts as opposed to introverts. o Agreeableness- measures how trusting or helpful an individual is. go with the flow o Neuroticism- index of how emotionally instable a person is an emotional train wreck, dramatic Social Cognitive Perspective Personal control- how much control they feel they have in areas of life. Internal locus of control- they are in charge of their own External locus of control- nothing I can do- fate/destiny o Learned helplesness...
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