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Psychology Syllabus - GENERAL PSYCHOLOGY: Spring 2009 PSY...

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GENERAL PSYCHOLOGY: Spring 2009 PSY 101-03: MWF 11:00 – 11:50 PSY 101-05: MWF 10:00 – 10:50 Instructor: Dr. Brent Mattingly Email: Office: Shannon Hall 011 Phone: 977-2276 Office Hours: TR 10:30 – 11:30, or by appointment Graduate TA: Erin Solomon Email: ___________________ Office: _______________________ Phone: ___________________ Office Hours: _______________________ Supplemental Instructor (PSY 101-03 AND PSY 101-05): Liam Ryan ( Undergraduate TA (PSY 101-03): Nic LeFeve ( Undergraduate TA (PSY 101-05): Dan Younglove ( Required Textbook: Wood, S. E., Wood, E. G., & Boyd, D. (2009). Portable Psychology . Boston: Pearson. ISBN: 0-205-68618-4 Course Description This course is designed to teach students the basic principles and foundations of psychology. We will discuss the development and evolution of the field, as well as several specialty areas within the discipline. One of the goals of this course is for students to appreciate the expansiveness of psychology – it has a role in everything than humans do. Unfortunately, time restrictions will prevent us to explore every avenue that psychology introduces to us. Thus, this course will attempt to lay the first building blocks in your psychological knowledge. Course Goals 1) To teach students the importance, applications, and implications of psychology 2) To make students educated consumers of psychology 3) To teach students that psychology is a science 4) To provide students with a solid understanding of psychology, preparing them to take future (and more advanced) psychology courses 5) For both the students and the instructor to have fun with the study of psychology Course Policies Attendance: Students are STRONGLY encouraged to attend ALL class meetings. The lectures will discuss: 1) topics in more detail than the text allows; and 2) topics that are not in the text at all. Thus, it is advantageous for students to always be in attendance. It is NOT the responsibility of the instructor, TAs, or supplemental instructor to re-teach course material to students who were absent. Therefore, students who miss class will be required to obtain notes from a classmate.
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Psychology Syllabus - GENERAL PSYCHOLOGY: Spring 2009 PSY...

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