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Study Questions and Discussion Topics - STUDY QUESTIONS AND...

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STUDY QUESTIONS AND DISCUSSION TOPICS INTRODUCTION 6-9—Quiz 01 1. Explain the distinction between “the historical Jesus” and “the Christ of Christian faith.” 6 2. What are some recent answers to the question, Who really was Jesus? 6 3. How is Jesus pictured on the sixth century mosaic on page? 6 4. Why is it difficult to know what elements of the gospels are strictly historical? 8 5. What is the Jesus Seminar, and why are its conclusions controversial? 8-9 THE SETTING: Geographical Background 12-21—Quiz 01 1. What is the origin of the term Palestine? 12 2. What are the four main geographical regions of Palestine? 12-14 3. What are the approximate dimensions of Palestine in miles? 13 4. How were cities and villages laid out? 14 5. Where is Galilee, and what are several characteristics of its inhabitants? 16 6. What were Nazareth and Capernaum like? 17 7. What was the basic character of Jerusalem? 18 8. What was Herod’s contribution to the Temple? 19 9. What other building projects did Herod undertake in Jerusalem? 19 10.What was the permanent population of Jerusalem in Jesus’ day? 21 Discussion Question 01 History and Faith Is determining the historical facts about Jesus important for Christian faith ? Does a Christian believer have to know for sure what Jesus actually said and did, when and where, in order to preserve faith? If a Christian doubted the historicity of things about Jesus, would that deny faith? Are some things more important than others are? Which ones? Why? THE SETTING: Political Background 22-29—Quiz 02 1. What is Hellenism? Who in Jewish society were influenced by Hellenism? 22 2. What was the Maccabean Revolt? 22 3. What were the Cynics? Why is it unlikely Jesus was one? 22 4. What were Jesus’ connections with Herod the Great, Herod Antipas, and Herod Philip? 24-25 5. What were the role, behavior toward Jews, and dates of Pontius Pilate? 26 6. What were centurions? 26 7. What did the Roman’s tax, and how was it collected? 27 8. Explain the nature of the high priest and high priests. 28-29 9. What Jewish taxes were imposed? 28
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Discussion Question 02 Jesus and Rome What was Jesus’ attitude toward the Roman government ? Read Mark 12:13-17. What is going on here? Does Jesus approve of Roman rule? What is implied by the fact that the questioners have the coin he asks for? Does memory of this story imply Jesus was not a political revolutionary? Or did later Christians make this up to ingratiate themselves with the Romans? Early Christians were in danger of persecution by the Roman government when Mark’s gospel was being written. Notice how Paul talks in Romans 13:1-7. THE SETTING: Religious Background 30-37—Quiz 03 1. What were the two fundamental institutions of Jewish life? 30 2. What were the three parts of the Jewish sacred writings, and what was their comparative importance? 30 3. What were scribes? 30 4. How was Temple worship organized? 31 5. What were Levites? 31 6. What were the main activities in the Temple? 31
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Study Questions and Discussion Topics - STUDY QUESTIONS AND...

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