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11-8 - Answer No more than 6 • The coolhunt is a...

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9/10 Outline Sociocultural Systems: Microstructure I. Social Networks a. Diffusion, innovation, and social change i. The diffusion of seed corn in Iowa b. The small world problem II. The production of “cool” a. From social differentiation to social inequality When a trend is being set, it goes from… o Innovations o Early adapters o Early majority o Late majority o Laggards Small world problem o On average, how many people does it take to link two people picked at random through a network of acquaintance?
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Unformatted text preview: Answer: No more than 6 • The coolhunt is a “textbook case” of how social differentiation (i.e., the ways in which people differ from one another in terms of their individual attributes and the social roles they play) can be transformed into social inequality (i.e., a ranking of the differences between people and groups such that some are granted greater access to valued resources, services, and positions in society). 1...
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