11-5 - its emergence GNP/Capita is often used as a measure...

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9/17 Outline The Origins of Modern Societies I: The Emergence of Capitalism I. The emergence of Capitalism a. At the national level: the Revolution in economic growth and living standards. b. At the international level: the modern world system, international divergence and integration. Some fundamental (and rather abstract) distinctions between capitalism and what came before: o Pre-capitalist economy Production-for-use Society “dominates” market Market logic highly circumscribed o Capitalist Economy Production-for-exchange Market “dominates” society Market logic governs One key reason perhaps the most important, though largely unstated in the reading! – that capitalism represented such a radical disjuncture with what came before it: the economic growth and living standards revolutions and that followed
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Unformatted text preview: its emergence GNP/Capita is often used as a measure of a societys standard of living. If we define generation as 25 years, what these figures mean is that the standard of living in the United States has been more than doubling in each generation in the last 100 years or so GNP/Capita has been increasing by a factor of 1.5 every generation A world system is a social system exhibiting three major characteristics: o A high degree autonomy 1 9/17 o An extensive(international) division of labor o A multiplicity of cultures Two types of world systems historically: world empires and world economics Today one world system, the capitalist economy exhibiting three more or less distinct socioeconomic zones o Core o Semi-periphery o Periphery 2...
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11-5 - its emergence GNP/Capita is often used as a measure...

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