12-1 - • Ankles • Military themes • S curve goes...

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1. Baroque/Rococco Whale bone stays Pompeii Pom poms Pockets French Revolution Cues from rural and sport English influence Marie Antoinette=underwear as outerwear American revolution theme International trade Neo-Classicism/Post Revolution Sideburns Waist rise, wide lapel Tailoring/ Brooks Bros. Beau, male fashion Industrial Revolution Tailcoat Inventions Fashion journals Bum roll and daiquiri Reduced stays, so X becomes V Cage crinoline Reform-Bloomer Ready made clothing Charles fred worth-haute couture Victorian/Edwardian Shelf S curve Black mourning Actress as fashion leader Gibson Cycling trousers, auto clothing Princess Mail order Standard sizing Factory fire Sweat shops
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Prewar/WWI College Preppy Red-cross
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Unformatted text preview: • Ankles • Military themes • S curve goes straight Postwar • Lactose • Balenciaga • Egypt • Women vote • Prohibition • Flapper • Art deco • Talkies • Rayon • Jazz suit • Gone with the wind, jean WWII • American and british designers • Women’s trousers • Ration=creative • Zoot suit • T-shirt • NYC • Bikini atoll • New look=hyperfemenine • Stiletto • Ivy league • Brand, Elvis, dean 60’s • Globalizing • JFK • Target markets • Pantyhose • Twiggy • Space theme • Hippy • Warhol • Youth quake-quant-mod 70’s/80’s • Glam rock/punk • Vivian Westwood • Jeans • JC Penney • Fitness craze • Madonna – underwear as outerwear...
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12-1 - • Ankles • Military themes • S curve goes...

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