14-23 - • The perils of fossilization o Hunters and...

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Anthropology Lecture 25.3.09 Archaeological and Paleoanthropological Field Methods. Evidence Fossils o Evidence of organism Adaptations Life and death Artifacts o Material remains of culture Activities Ideas Context o When and where Fossils Petrified remains of living organisms from the past The oldest known fossils date to c. 3.5 billion years ago Types of fossils o Impressions Leaves Footprints o Casts Roots Endocasts o Mineralized bones Fossils can teach us about
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o Anatomy o Environments o Even some behavioral traits Fossilization o The process of becoming a fossil o Organic matter from bones and other body parts is replaced, over time, by minerals from the soil ( most often silica) o Chance event that happens only under very specific conditions o Comparatively fossils are very rare (also, some parts fossilize better)
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Unformatted text preview: • The perils of fossilization o Hunters and scavengers feed on flesh o Animals chew bones o Weathering and rot How to become a fossil • Get buried o Protected from deterioration o Preserved by mineralization o Buried = getting covered by sediments Water-borne sediments • Run-off from hills • Sedimentation in lakes • Water carries sediments • Gently floods bury deposits • Forceful floods destroy deposits Air-borne sediments • Volcanic ash • Petrifies into Tuff o sediments erode o deposits accumulate downstream • caves o caves act as deposit traps o caves were used for habitation in prehistory o slow trickling water creates good environment for fossil formation...
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14-23 - • The perils of fossilization o Hunters and...

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