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I. Article: [1/22]: Genotypic characterization of Kaposi’s sarcoma – associated herpesvirus in asymptomatic infected subj’s and isolated populations a. Author : Whitby [Denise] b. Disease : i. KSHV : Kaposi’s sarcoma-associated herpesvirus [aka human herpesvirus 8 [HHV-8] DNA virus; believed to co-evolve w/ humans ii. Study isolated populations in Ecuador & Botswana. 1. Amerindians in Ecuador = subtype E 2. Prevalence in 2 ethnic groups in Botswana = extremely high 3. Heterogeneity of KSHV strains found in Botswana subj contrasts w/ homogeneity of KSHV strains in Amerindians a. Reflects diff in evolutionary history of these populations 4. Study both prevalence & molecular characteristics of KSHV in a. Ecuador – prevalence of KSHV varie3d btwn ethnic group studied – lowest in Ecuadorians of African descent b. Amerindian KSHV were of subtype E c. Botswana – high prevalence of KSHV in both ethnic groups studies d. Considerable heterogeneity
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