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I. Article [1/15]: A Worm’s View of Human Evolution II. Author : Shipman [Pat] III. Disease: a. Taenia – tapeworm [plural = taenids] parasite b. Focus on tapeworms to uncover to facts about hominids [our human ancestors] i. Live in guts; must be ingested to be passed from individual to individual; species to species 1. Can show understanding of a change in dietary habits ii. IV. Notes a. Adult taenids lay eggs which pass out of the host’s body through its feces i. Eggs digested by a herbivore [i.e. domestic cow/ pig cuz they eat pooh]
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Unformatted text preview: b. Theory = humans first exposed to tapeworms that lived in domestic animals [dogs/ cattle/ swine] i. Tame animals don’t pass tameness to offspring; domestic animals do ii. if occurred in domestic animals then tapeworms [taenids] should have appeared 10,000 years ago [same time as domestication] iii. if humans caught tapewormds @ once then all tapeworms should be similar genetically c. theory 2 = human taenids came about when humans shifted diet from plants to animals most probable...
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