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15-2 - 2 Trouble again in not understanding what a...

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Laura Bohannan – Shakespeare in the Bush [9/2] 1. Page 1 1. Human nature same whole world over wants to prove by reading Shakespeare to the Tiv people in S Africa and if they understand it, it proves the author’s point [1] 2. Important people shouldn’t ladle beer themselves [2] 2. Page 2 1. Starting to lose faith that the tribe understands Hamlet by the whole dead father’s full blood brother marrying the kids’ widowed Mother [1]
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Unformatted text preview: 2. Trouble again in not understanding what a “ghost” is [2] 3. Page 3 1. Author’s audience becomes interested when mentions that one can understand Hamlet’s words but not what they meant [1] 2. Tribe only believes in 2 causes of madness : witchcraft and if one sees the beings that lurks in the forest [1] 4. Page 4 1.-...
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